Cran Apple 30ml

Cran Apple 30ml

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Loaded Eliquid SALTNIC Cran-Apple Juice is an intoxicating flavor reminiscent of a freshly pour glass of cranberry apple juice. On first puff of Cran-Apple Juice you will immediately notice the crisp and clean flavor Ruthless Vapor is known for and even if cranberries are not on the top of your list of favorite fruits, Apple Fritter On Salt will change your mind. Expect only the best ingredients to be used and prepare your flavor palate for everlasting satisfaction when vaping this classic salt nicotine flavor.

On inhale of Cran-Apple Juice NICSALT a kick of delicious cranberries will rush through your tongue portraying fun and vibrant flavors. Leaning toward the refreshing side of the taste spectrum the cranberries will also carry soft undertones of apple juice to prepare you for the delicious exhale. On exhale is were the apple juice takes over and giving you an accurate replication of the apple juice boxes you would drink as a kid. Cran Apple Juice is truly a must try for any fruit lover as it gives you a perfectly mixed flavor perfect for that all day vape

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